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SAP HYBRIS Online Training with Free Server Access

With this online training, you would master concepts like environment setup, management console, PCM basics, import and export data, programming with the service layer, cockpit framework, workflows validation and accelerator, among others.

Why SAP HYBRIS Course?

Salary: The average salary ranges from $81,374 to $131,020 per year.

Job Opportunity: SAP Hybris generates around 30,000 jobs every year.

Growth: SAP Hybris has a market share of about 0.1% and has great growth scope.

For Corporates

Online or On-premise Training Options

  • Curriculum aligned with latest industry trends
  • Experienced and certified trainers
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Lifetime access to course material (pdfs, ppts and videos)
For Individuals

Recorded Video Training

  • Updated course content
  • 24/7 remote server access
  • Lifetime access to course content (videos and materials)
  • Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere

Instructor-Led Online Training

  • Candidate pre-evaluation
  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • Email support and online query resolution
  • 24/7 access to SAP Sandbox

SAP HYBRIS Batch Schedule

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SAP HYBRIS Course Features

Get to a new SAP proficiency level with SAPVITS.
We are committed to making you ‘Smarter SAP Professional’.

If you are a fresher – you start your career in SAP with confidence and practical learning
If you are a professional – Add weightage to your profile and scale new heights professionally.

Take advantage of our flexible, customized and industry-focused learning curriculum.
Best-in-class learning experience supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Course curriculum designed in consultation with current job market needs.
Courses focused on imparting practical exposure and hands-on experience.

SAP HYBRIS Course Description

SAP Hybris is relevant to five business functions – commerce, marketing, billing, sales, and service. It helps enable actionable insights to these departments to make the right decisions at the right time that is essential for them to lead in this competitive scenario.
SAP Hybris Course online training in this module deals with building on-demand solutions for e-commerce management, master data management, process management and order management.
There are distinct advantages of Hybris platform, the major one being understanding the future of e-commerce and delivering contextual, consistent and relevant solutions that augment the next generation consumer experiences. This technology is closely integrated with Cloud, Mobile, and big data to decipher the preferences of the modern customer in real time. So if you are looking at making a mark in Marketing, Sales and Service of your company’s products or solutions then SAP Hybris is just the right training course for you. A few key advantages that it delivers are:

  • Java programming language benefit, powered by Zend Framework
  • B2B and B2C solutions for wide range of industries and functions
  • Ability to use a single admin panel for many stores
  • Multiple websites support, real time insights
  • Optimized architecture for multi-channel commerce
Who could benefit from this course?
  • Business users
  • Business stakeholders
  • Developers
  • Software architects
  • IT project managers and system admins
Because it is our motto to make you a ‘Smarter’ SAP professional!
SAPvits brings to you its knowledge and expertise of over 18+ years’ in SAP online trainings and SAP consultancy. We empower student graduates and young professionals with the required SAP proficiency to power-boost their career. We tend to your learning needs with utmost sense of urgency and dedication. Our course content is designed with certified and experienced SAP consultants and aims to offer tailored and customized learning with utmost flexibility.
Course Attendees will have
  • 24/7 access to SAP IDES Server
  • Instructor Led online training sessions
  • Training materials, Blogs
  • Access to online recording archives
  • Flexibility to choose the schedule on weekday or weekends
  • Prepare candidates for Interview
  • Option to ask doubts/questions/clarifications from the course content
  • Assist candidates in Resume preparation

SAP HYBRIS Curriculum

Hybris Overview
  • Accelerator overview and Key features
  • Hybris Basics
  • Hybris architecture
Local server setup
  • installing and configuring a local instance of hybris
  • hMC, hAC cockpits overview
  • Workflow management
  • Cronjobs
  • Localization & Internationalization
IT Administration
  • Setup and Manage Users Access Rights
  • Hybris User Setup
  • Hybris User Group Setup
  • User Management (Employee vs. Customer)
Content Management
  • Product modeling (classifications and variants)
  • Product Cockpit
  • Catalog Management
  • Web Content Management
  • WCMS Cockpit
HMC and Back office
  • HMC(Hybris Management Console) Overview
  • BackOffice Overview
Commerce Management
  • Commerce Basics
  • Search and Navigation
  • Promotions and Vouchers
  • Payment
Data Integration
  • Data integration
  • type system
  • data migration using impex
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Core Tool
  • Customer Master Data
  • Charging outputs
  • Re-Charging
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Web Services and Java APIs
  • Import Export Connector (IEC)
  • Batch Acquisition and Rating
Hybris Billing Configuration
  • Charging
  • Refilling
  • Post Paid Processing
  • Prepaid Processing
  • Online Processing
  • Offline Processing
  • Rerating
  • Customer/Product/Catalog
  • Chargable/Charged
  • CDRs
Hybris Billing Technical
  • Billing – CC – Packages
  • Billing – CC – Classes
  • Billing – CC – Items
  • Billing – CC – JAVA APIs
  • Billing – CC – IEC
  • Billing – CC – Web Services
  • Billing – CC – Notes/Patches/Upgrades
  • Billing – CC – BART setup/CORE setup Tools
Hybris Billing DATABASE Setup
  • Oracle Database Settings
  • Billing Core Server – Oracle Database setup
  • Billing BART Server – Oracle Database setup
  • Billing Diameter– Oracle Database setup
Hybris Commerce Integration with Hybris Billing
  • Omni Channel & Hybris Billing Overview
  • Common Data Between Commerce & Billing Suites
  • Integration Scenarios
  • B2B Integration
  • B2C Integration
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Apache Tomcat
  • HSQL
  • Hibernate
Hybris CRM & ERP Integration with Billing
  • Common Data between CRM & Billing
  • Common Data Between ERP ECC & Billing
  • Integration Scenarios
  • TCP-IP Packets
  • Uni/Bi- Directional data flow
  • NON-SAP Data flow / Third parties integration
Subscription Order Management
  • Overview
  • Product Catalog & Offer Management
  • Order Capture
  • Order Distribution
  • Contract Management
  • Financial Customer Care
  • Overview
  • Data Control
  • Data Format
  • Data Collection
  • Manage Data Real time / Batch
  • Cash Proof solution
Convergent Charging
  • Introduction and Overview
  • Core Tool
    • Guider
    • Rator
    • Updated
    • Taxer
    • Bulk Loader
  • Service Provider Master
    • Data Rating Logic Concepts
    • Data Charging Concepts
    • Data Refill Concepts
  • CDR & Master Data
  • Charging outputs
  • Re-Charging
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Web Services and Java APIs
  • Import Export Connector (IEC)
  • Batch Acquisition and Rating (BART)
  • Cross-industry example
Convergent Invoicing
  • Overview
  • Data model
  • Functions
  • Units and grouping
  • Invoice lines
  • Scheduling
  • Process flow
  • Additional functions
  • Credit Card handling
  • Deferred Revenues
  • Collective Bill
  • Invoice lists
  • Invoice creation
Customer Financials (CFM)
  • Overview
  • Pricing Simulation
  • Product & Price Configuration
CC Master Data
  • Master Data for Service Provider
  • Master Data for Customer
  • BART Server Master Data
  • Diameter Server Master Data
  • Customer Master Data
  • Supplier Master Data
  • Input-Output transactional master data
Product Overview and Architecture
  • Introduction of the different modules of SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Deployment Options
  • Integration with other solutions and Data Handling
  • Architecture Overview
  • Security Aspects
  • Installation Process
Contacts and Interactions
  • Data Model for Interaction Contacts, Interactions, Products and Product Categories
  • Customizing Filter Attributes
  • Adding New Data Fields to The Contact Fact Sheet
  • Sentiment Engagement – Data Flow and Extensibility
  • Customer Journey Insight Application
  • Data Aging
  • Import Interactions and Interaction Contacts
  • Hands On Exercises
  • Features of the Segmentation Builder
  • Creating Segments Leveraging Object Key Upload, Reference Objects And Predictive
  • Multi-Value Marketing Attributes
  • Customizing New Data Sources for Segmentation
  • Defining And Assigning Preview Types
  • Segmentation Profile Filters
  • Authorization Settings
  • Administrative Features for Segmentation
  • Target Groups – Configuration and Extensibility
  • Hands On Exercises
  • Acquisition – Campaign Management
Content Studio Features
  • Multiwave Campaign Automation
  • Configuring the Sender Profile
  • Defining Campaign Categories and Actions
  • Export Definitions
  • Creating CSV File Exports
  • Overview on Facebook and Paid Search Campaigns
  • Automated A/B Testing
  • Landing Pages for Newsletter Subscription
  • Managing Marketing Permissions And Subscriptions
  • Marketing Success Analytics
  • Hands On Exercises
Product Recommendations
  • Recommendation Models, Algorithms, Recommendation Model Types And Recommendation Scenarios
  • Offer Recommendations
  • Consuming Recommendation Models in SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Customizing Data Sources and Algorithms
  • Hands On Exercise
Integration with SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Overview of Integration Scenarios and Touchpoints
  • Architecture and Configuration
  • Personalizing Web-Shop Content via Segmentation and Campaigns
  • Landing Page Deployment on A Commerce Web Shop
  • Product and Offer Recommendations
  • Processing of Clickstream Data to Enrich Customer Profiles
  • Concept of Master Data Replication From Commerce to SAP Hybris Marketing
Predictive and Heuristic Scores
  • Defining Predictive Scenarios in the IMG
  • Creating and Maintaining Predictive Models
  • Choosing the Best Model Fit for a Predictive Scenario
  • Creating Heuristic Scores Based on SAP Hana Information Models
  • Creating Heuristic Scores Based on a Segmentation Profile
  • Hands on Exercise
  • Budget Planning
  • Adding Custom Dimensions for Budget Planning
  • Managing Campaigns with Programs
  • Spend Management
  • Using The Marketing Calendar
  • Hands on Exercise
Integration with SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer
  • Defining Lead Scores and Lead Stages
  • Set up Campaigns to enable Lead and Activity Creation (Appointments, Phone Calls,
    Task) from SAP Hybris Marketing to Hybris Cloud for Customer.
  • Data Replication between SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer and SAP Hybris Marketing
  • Leverage the Lead Dashboard to Monitor Relevant Lead Management Information
  • Hybris – Course Overview
  • Hybris – Introduction
  • System – Software/Hardware Requirements
  • Course Technical Prerequisites Overview
  • Course Functional Prerequisites Overview
  • Job Opportunities, Scope and Technology Future
  • Hybris Customers – Global Implementations
  • Business Architecture – Overview
  • Business Architecture – Compatibility
  • Business Architecture – Integration Scenarios
  • Technical Architecture – Overview
  • Technical Architecture – Client Layer
  • Technical Architecture – Presentation Layer
  • Technical Architecture – Business Layer
  • Technical Architecture – Persistence Layer
  • Technical Architecture – Data Layer
  • Hybris Online Resources
  • Hybris Support
  • Hybris internalization
Setting Up a Development Environment
  • Installing Hybris Framework
  • Installer Folder
  • Hybris Folder
  • Platform Folder
  • Hybris Server – Apache Tomcat
  • Eclipse Integration – Import/Export
  • Eclipse Integration – Maven
  • Eclipse Integration – Ant
  • Eclipse Integration – Github
Hybris Admin console – HAC
  • Introduction to HAC
  • Hybris Platform Maintenance
  • Database Monitoring Activities
  • Hybris Maintenance
  • Hybris Console
  • Hybris Memory/Queues/Threads
  • MCC Overview
  • PCM Cockpit
  • WCMS Cockpit
  • Admin Cockpit
  • Report Cockpit
  • Customer Service Cockpit
  • Instore Cockpit
  • HAC Console
  • Custom Cockpits
Back Ofice
  • Introduction
  • Commerce Search
  • Data Hub installation
  • System
  • Catalog
  • Multimedia
  • Orders – B2C/B2B
  • Order Management System
  • User Settings
  • Price Settings
  • Base Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • B2B Commerce
Hybris Integrations
  • IDOCs
  • RFC
  • ERP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • NON-SAP Integration
  • Hybris – Hybris Inegration
  • Introduction of hybris extensions
  • Configuration Extensions
  • New/Custom extensions
  • Implementation
  • Create New extensions
  • Import/Export of Extensions to Eclipse
Hybris Core / Core + Concepts
  • Introducing CronJob
  • Implementation with examples
  • Impex Import
  • Impex Export
  • Hybris Core
  • Sample Scripts
  • Dynamic Model Attributes
  • Overview of Flexible Search
  • How to write Search Query implementation
  • The Hybris Catalog Extension
SAP Hybris – B2B
  • B2B Unit
  • B2B Customer
  • B2B Cost Centre
  • B2B User Group
  • B2B Reporting Set
  • B2B Merchant Check
  • Future stock
Hybris Infrastructure
  • Introduction Web/Application servers
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Datahub
  • HSQL
  • Hibernate
  • SOLR
Web services API
  • Spring MVC
  • RESTful Web service
  • Web services API
  • ZK Frame work
  • Spring Integration
  • Architecture of the Service Layer
  • Services, Strategies, and Facades,DTO,DAO
Data modelling with Hybris Type System
  • Type System (Data Modelling)
  • Enumeration
  • Collection
  • Relation
  • Synchronization Item Type
SAP Hybris Project – End-To-End Project
  • B2B Website – Implementation (Own Customization)
  • B2C Website – Implementation (Own Customization)
  • Website – PCM Integration
  • Website – WCMS Integration
  • Website – Report Integration
  • Website – In-store Integration
  • Website – SOLR Integration


How do I register for the course?

Just give us a shout out at IND: +91 992 284 8898 | USA: +1 678 389 8898 | UK: +44 141 416 8898 number and we will help you through the entire process.

What are my payment options?
  • Bank Transfer (NEFT)
  • Cheque Payment
  • Western Union Money transfer
Who are my instructors?

We have tie-ups with over 500+ SAP certified trainers who have more than 10+years experience. Our trainers are experts in their field and have thorough domain knowledge and hands-on industry expertise.

Are your SAP classes interactive with real-industry scenarios and practical exposure?

Yes indeed. We believe more in practical and experiential learning than just theoretical teaching. With SAPvits, you get to work on real SAP screens with hands-on SAP and also get guided instructions and explanations along. We give all our learners a full access to SAP Sandbox for a real SAP experience. Access is not limited to training hours.

Can I see a demo of how my learning session will take place?

Certainly. You can always request for a FREE demo here (link of contact us form).

What are the system configuration requirements for online training?

All you need to get started with us is a good configuration computer, good quality headphones, stable Internet Connection and GoToMeeting software.

What if I miss a class on any given day?

Not a problem at all. You need to inform us about the missed classes and we can fit you in the next session and also provide you recorded online video of the class.

What if I have any questions during the class?

Since ours is a real-time online instructor-led-training, your questions will be answered by the trainer and doubts will be resolved. You just need to voice out your question and we will be eager to help you with an explanation.

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