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SAP IS Utilities FICA Curriculum

It is real time Configuration and Business Process Implementation Training and it also includes preparing Blue Print documents, Functional specifications for Enhancements, Data Migration, Interfaces, Forms and Reports. We also teach Unit testing and integration testing, Post Go-live issues and Support process. You can attend training from any part of the world if you have an Internet connection and good quality Headset.

  1. SAP IS-U FICA Basics
  • Concept and special functions in FI-CA
  • Event Technology
  • Parallel Mass Processes in FI-CA
  • Master Data Objects in FI-CA
  1. Documents
  • Lifecycle of Documents
  • Document Structures
  • Posting Documents
  • Integration with General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Balance Display
  1. Transactions and Account Determination
  • Structure of Transactions
  • Transactions in IS-U
  • General Ledger Account Determination
  • Tax Determination in IS-U
  1. Incoming Payments
  • Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • Payment Lots and Check lot
  • Clarification Processing
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal
  1. Payment Run
  • Prerequisites of Payment Settlement
  • Payment program
  • Payment Cards
  1. Returns Processing
  • Configuration of Returns
  • Processing of Returns
  1. Clearing Control
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Configurations of Clearing Strategy
  1. Dunning and Collections
  • Dunning –Terminology
  • Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run
  • Submission to External Collection
  1. Interest Calculations
  • Calculation of Interest on Items
  • Interest Keys and Calculation Rules
  • Processing of Interest Calculation
  1. Deferral/Installment Plan
  • Deferral:Definition and Processing
  • Installment Plan: Definition and Processing
  1. Other Business Transactions
  • Account Maintenance
  • Reversing Documents and Resetting Clearing
  • Document Transfer
  • Mark as Doubtful/Individual Value Adjustment
  • Write Off
  1. Security Deposits
  • Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit
  • Request payment and Settlement of Cash Security Deposit
  1. Correspondence
  • Definition and Types
  • The Print Workbench
  1. Further Integration of FI-CA in SAP Modules


Training Details

  • Course Duration: 45 hours Training + Assignments + Actual Project Based Case Studies
  • Training Materials:
    All attendees will receive,
    Assignment after each module, Video recording of every session
    Notes and study material for examples covered.
    Access to the Training Blog & Repository of Materials

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Course Duration

The Sap Is-Utilities course duration will be of 30 hours.

Course Inquiry - SAP IS UTILITIES

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